trident peugeotactive solon chocolatina carnival peugeot

Production Company: Correct Creative Productions
Agency: ISOBAR
Direction: Nikolaos Passaris & Andreas Chalikias
Actor: Konstantinos Giakintzis
DOP: Nathanail Nathanailoglou
Styling: Anna Mandreka
Make up: Maria Romanioudaki
Editing, Color Correction: Domenik Papaemmanouil
Post Production: Kostis Kounoupas
Sound design: Sarantis Rabias
Voice Talent: Dimitris Drivas
Producer: Eleni Soultou

Peugeot 208 Active

Production Company : Correct Creative Productions
Agency : ASAP Athens
3D Modeling Lighting, Animation : Kostis Kounoupas
Sound: Sarantis Rabias 
Voice Talent: Aris Gerontakis 
Producer: Eleni Soultou

Solon Olive Oil
Production Company: Correct Creative Productions
Client: Unilever
Direction : Mairi Rizou
DOP: Evgenios Dionisopoulos
Editing, Colour Correction : DomeniK Papaemmanouil
Sound: Dimitris Thanos
Voice Talent: Kara Noble
Producer: Eleni Soultou

Production Company: Correct Creative Productions
Agency: FineAd
Client: Medisei
Direction : Domenik Papaemmanouil
Actress: Klelia Renesi
DOP: Evgenios Dionisopoulos
Make up artist: Dimitra Altani
Hair: Lili Titi
Editing, Colour Correction : Irini Mantzorou
Sound Design: Sarantis Rabias
Voice talent: George Petridis
Producer: Eleni Soultou

The Carnival: The Story Behind The "C", No 2
Art Director: Lia Kalkou
Animation: Irini Mantzorou
Sound Design: Dimitris Thanou
Sound Mixing: Alex Stef
Voice effects: Aris Gerontakis
Producers: Eleni Soultou, Eleni Benaki
Correct Creative Productions

Production Company: Correct Creative Productions

Agency: ASAP Athens

Ladies and gentlemen,
You have just crossed our audio & video crime scene.
Please be ready to face the victims:
Slowness, insecurity, boredom, imperfection, imitation, boundaries, obstacles, failure.
Our accomplices skilled, creative, imaginative people and special partners.
Inside superb, highly equipped facilities.
Through years of experience.
This is Correct.

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