Film Services

Location, location, location. Every great film is situated in an ideal location. A location that can intrigue the viewer into the film, can sell the product, can turn an average film into a masterpiece.

Film makers around the world have every reason to film in Greece. Greece is a unique filming scenery that holds the essence of the Mediterranean atmosphere, it hasn’t been overused in filming and holds diverse elements of scenery from its marvelous underwater locations to its steep mountains. The clear skies and the luminous sun can guarantee an incredible scenery, whilst costs are more than competitive.

And should you have doubts about travelling all the way to Greece in order to grasp the unique magnificent location, Correct Creative Productions can be your efficient, trustworthy partner. Whatever doubts you might have about getting into the “Greek” ways in order to grasp the unique Greek scenery with its diversity and raw beauty, are now falling apart as Correct can be your “partners in crime” and make sure you have a fully sufficient filming of location, on time and within the standards and parameters you set. Correct Creative Productions producers will be your eyes and ears on location and will help you surpass your highest expectations.